How you'll recover with OneStep

Our highly-personalized recovery plans break down traditional physical therapy sessions into bite-sized daily exercise routines that you can do anytime, from anywhere.

Step 1

Perform a walking evaluation using OneStep

Download the OneStep app and sign up to get started. Take a short walk around the room with the phone in your pocket. In less than 30 seconds you'll get a complete assessment of your walking pattern, which helps you master your recovery.

A phone screen showing your walk score

Step 2

Meet your personal physical therapist

Your physical therapist will get to know you, understand your needs and review your OneStep walking pattern. Together, you will set your recovery goal. Based on that, your physical therapist will build you a personalized plan, broken down into short daily exercise routines, all designed to get you where you want to go.

A phone screen showing a video chat with your PT

Step 3

Start recovering with a daily exercise plan

Your daily recovery plan is always accessible to you on your app and contains instructional videos, exercises, tips and insights. You can also chat with your physical therapist around the clock and schedule a meeting whenever you need.

A phone screen showing how to exercise

Step 4

Get feedback in real-time

With the help of OneStep's technology, your physical therapist will continuously adapt your recovery plan based on your progress. We'll also send you actionable feedback as you go, and share inspirational insights to ensure you are recovering as effectively as possible.

A phone screen showing insights on how you move

Step 5

Watch yourself improve

Throughout your journey, you’ll always be able to see your progress, broken down into easy-to-understand parameters. You can schedule a follow-up evaluation to stay on top of your recovery and know exactly what to do to keep improving.

A phone screen showing a progress report
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Each time my patient records a walk, I have a window into their daily function. The technology from OneStep delivers gait data that allows me to make informed, personalized decisions about exercise prescription and objective outcomes of  the treatment plan. OneStep is the only remote patient monitoring platform designed for functional outcome measures that has the potential to identify the needs for specific interventions and motivates patients to walk more and walk better.