Patient Testimonial

In Their Own Words: Joanne & OneStep

October 20, 2021
The road to full recovery from a total knee replacement is long and fraught with anxiety. “Will I ever walk normally?” is a lingering worry. Being able to see tangible progress was a tremendous boost to my mental health during this time. The 24/7 availability of a physical therapist was especially reassuring. For patients who can’t afford, find the time for, or arrange transportation to outpatient physical therapy, OneStep is a cost-effective way to obtain the Physical Therapy guidance that will help restore full functionality after surgery.

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What you get with OneStep

A smartphone screen showing the home screen of OneStep's mobile application.

A dedicated licensed physical therapist

- Unlimited one-on-one sessions
- Around the clock chat

A personalised recovery plan made just for you

- Instructional videos, goals and insights
- Continuously adapted to your needs and progress
- Optimized to fit your day-to-day and build long-lasting habits

OneStep's exclusive smartphone motion lab

- Comprehensive progress reports and instant feedback
- Find out your Daily Walk Score

Starting at $35/month

- Unlimited physical therapy
- No insurance necessary