Cutting-edge science in your pocket

OneStep turns any smartphone into a 24/7 motion analysis lab, whose results are translated by our physical therapists into personalized recovery plans and ongoing feedback.

Utilizing the smartphone to the max

Until today, the only way to measure a patient’s motion in-depth is through a motion analysis lab. But sending patients to a lab is extremely costly, inaccessible, and requires hours of analysis time. As a result, most providers instead rely on subjective tools, such as pain questionnaires. And while they do provide value, such alternatives lack objective measurement of patient progress and tools to optimize recovery. And neither option offers providers a way to analyze a patient’s movement in their real life, outside of the clinic or lab.
OneStep’s technology is the first of its kind to deliver lab level diagnostic analysis through any smartphone -  bringing immediate, easy-to-understand, around the clock feedback directly to patients and their providers. With OneStep, physical therapy extends beyond clinic walls as therapists can treat and monitor patients remotely between sessions, leading to better clinical decision making and better outcomes.

Gait - the 6th vital sign

Gait is a vitally important indicator of and predictor of a person’s musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, cognitive and neurological health. OneStep’s gait analysis is the first to capture gait in a natural setting, and its ease of use contributes to making the OneStep gait database the largest and most comprehensive in the world. For the first time, gait data is accessible to all. This goes beyond physical therapy, providing countless opportunities for research around, and development of, new medical treatments and devices.

person walking on a treadmill with gait analysis in the background

OneStep Walk Score - a new standard for gait measurement

The OneStep Walk Score was developed to provide feedback directly to patients in a way that boosts their motivation immediately. It is easy to understand and allows patients to learn from every walk they take. The progress updates and quantifiable measurements help them to better understand their impairments, their therapeutic goals, and to feel good about their progress along the way -- which increases patient satisfaction and compliance. OneStep uses the Walk Score in tandem with industry-standard subjective scales (such as the LEFS) to establish a new gold standard for measuring patients progress.

Therapist and patient viewing a table screen together

Generate progress reports within seconds and gain clinical insights

We designed the OneStep platform with providers in mind. While our technology collects and analyzes the 24/7 gait data, our platform allows providers to easily generate progress reports about any patient, at any time. Available through the app or web. Surgeons and physical therapists utilize our progress reports to view a patient’s recovery trajectory on the whole, to share in discussion with patients, and to make long-term clinical decisions.

Therapist viewing a computer showing a physical therapy progress report