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OneStep is redesigning physical therapy so that it is both convenient and exceptional for everyone.

37 million

Americans live with a major mobility disability, usually difficulty walking or climbing stairs

1 in 3

people will experience chronic pain this year, resulting from a musculoskeletal injury


of the people who could have benefited from physical therapy chose not to do it

We empower people to move their bodies with health, with freedom, and with confidence.

Illustration of different patients of OneStep showing the diversity the app offers

We rely on our bodies to do the things that make life meaningful, together with the people we love. But sometimes our bodies can’t keep up, and what’s important to us is taken away - like sports with a friend or playtime with our grandkids. OneStep’s task is to help you get it back.

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Motion is a skill - one that requires continued practice -- and meaningful feedback.  And whether you’re recovering from an injury  or an athlete in training, the case is no different. But most of the time, practice involves too much hassle, professional oversight is too expensive and meaningful feedback is only available at a laboratory or state-of-the-art clinic.

Our approach (and name) emerges from the belief that continued practice should fit seamlessly into your life - small, consistent, daily actions result in big outcomes. By breaking your recovery into smaller steps, doing a little bit every day, we create a journey that pays off in the long run.

This is made possible by our unique science. In the 21st century, where we are all surrounded by an ever-expanding array of sensors, we imagine a world where meaningful motion feedback is possible from anywhere, at any time. Starting with the smartphone, we are committed to continue developing cutting edge science so that wherever there are sensors - there is motion feedback. Feedback that motivates, inspires and facilitates accuracy.

We’re your partner on the journey, right by your side. Always making sure you’re on track, getting you where you want to go.

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Our Culture

We value personal responsibility and willingness to learn
above everything else, and pride ourselves in developing each other's skills and dreams.

Personal and professional development

We provide each employee with professional career consulting and ongoing development opportunities.

On an open calendar

Most of us are more effective when we understand the bigger picture. Dropping-into meetings and spontaneous cross-company discussions are welcome.

Working from both home and the office

We have a beautiful and friendly office, but make sure that partly/fully working from home is acceptable and comfortable.

Measuring outcomes rather than hours

Some of us are early-birds and some night-owls. We work hard, set ambitious goals and trust each other to achieve them.

We believe that happiness is effectiveness

We want our team members to be truly happy about both their personal and professional lives.