Inspiring Health Through Motion

OneStep's smartphone-based motion analysis provides immediate, clinically-validated feedback on gait and mobility, enabling proactive and data-driven care that goes beyond clinic walls.

OneStep Digital Physical Therapy patient mobile app home screen. The home screen allows the patient to see their personal experience.

The new gold-standard for measuring human motion

It's almost magical: Our FDA-listed medical app uses smartphone motion sensors to continuously analyze functional movement in real-life conditions, providing clinically-validated results within seconds and without requiring any wearables or hassle.

OneStep provides patients with actionable and motivational feedback that drives engagement, and enables clinicians to make better decisions by allowing them to assess their patient's health status sooner, more deeply and from anywhere.

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A comprehensive platform for digital physical therapy

Gait and mobility insights combined with patient reported outcomes

Our innovative platform captures, documents, and presents patient data in a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand way. OneStep helps triage, introduce objective gold-standard scores, monitor progress remotely, and translate insights into an effective intervention that results in superior clinical outcomes. We inspire patients to adhere to their care plan, by showing them exactly how much progress they're making and what they need to do in order to reach their goals.

OneStep Digital Physical Therapy patient walk summary screen. The screen provides a walk score with different gait parameters examined, as well as an assessment of the patient's fall risk.

24/7 smartphone motion lab

Easily analyze daily activities such as walking, running, or negotiating stairs, measure range of motion and perform standard tests. Get the results directly from any smartphone within seconds.

Functional and pain questionnaires

Seamlessly incorporate industry-standard outcome measures or configure your own integrative scores.

Real-time alerts and reports

Get notifications indicating a significant change in status (for example a change in gait associated with a higher risk of falls) and combine clinical insights into outcome reports within minutes.

More than just a home exercise program

The OneStep exercise experience is designed with two guidelines in mind: easy-to-create, easier-to-follow. We understand that adherence is key - and strive to always balance between what's clinically right and what the patient can actually commit to. Our daily routines continuously adapt based on the patient's actions and feedback to build long lasting habits.

A OneStep Digital Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program screen. The app contains video tutorials for different exercises, done by licensed physical therapists

1,000+ exercises and 100+ pre-built protocols

Search, build and assign a video-based program within minutes, or choose a pre-built protocol that was designed and vetted by leading providers.

Personal messages and videos

Drive patient accountability by embedding custom messages that add a personal touch directly into the exercise flow.

Ongoing feedback from patients

Communicate with your patient on a daily basis and adjust their plan based on their feedback, or guide OneStep to automatically do it for you.

The full Telehealth suite, built into efficient protocols

We've been building remote physical therapy for years - and we know how to make it work. It's not only the toolbox, but the methodology and the small touches that make a difference. With OneStep, providers build long-lasting relationships with their patients, while offering their best care to more patients at any time.

Mockup of the OneStep Digital Physical Therapy virtual clinic screen. The display gives the physical therapist a comprehensive view of each patients' needs, measurements, questionnaires and data.

Built-in chat

Engage patients on time, every time - send them a direct message or set rules to automatically trigger messages to patients who need extra encouragement - always based on their demonstrated progress.

Built-in video conferencing

Allow patients to schedule full sessions based on your availability, or hop on a spontaneous 5-min call.

The OneStep Methodology

Set a new standard for remote care using our guidebook, which covers everything from provider education to performance standards and efficiency metrics.

Bridging in-person and remote care

Whether you're looking to enhance in-clinic care, to complement it or to replace it  - OneStep will help you execute your care plan.

Your OneStep, your workflow

OneStep is fully configurable and offers a seamless integration, allowing providers to build dynamic workflows that precisely match their needs and the needs of their patients.

We're committed to your success

We see ourselves as an extension of your practice. Our team will assist you with all aspects of implementation: from building the methodology and financials, to staffing, training and even engaging patients.

Seamless RTM with OneStep

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) is a new CPT code family that reimburses providers for remotely monitoring orthopedic patients. OneStep is the only remote care platform optimized for convenience, collecting clinically-validated gait and mobility data without wearables, and automatically capturing background data for efficient RTM reimbursement.

Get reimbursed thanks to new CPT codes for remote monitoring (RTM), extend episodes of care by justifying additional treatment, or simply retain patients for longer.


Introduce new care programs that result in new revenue opportunities.

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Triage patients to reduce waiting times, seamlessly monitor progress to determine who needs physical intervention and allow your clinicians to work from anywhere.


Improve provider efficiencies by partially or fully offloading patients to remote care.

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Reinforce a culture of continuous learning and thought leadership by leveraging unique insights found in the patient’s gait and mobility profile.


Assess the status of individuals and populations to make smarter decisions.

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Show how your treatment accelerates recovery or reduces the risk profile of patients and patient cohorts and prove your clinical excellence.


Document the efficacy of treatments and devices in improving outcomes.

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OneStep allows providers to meaningfully extend their reach, to enhance patient engagement and to improve satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

Why patients love OneStep

Quotation mark

Philip E.

Total KNee replacement

I use OneStep every single day, sometimes to do exercises, and report my progress, other days just to measure how I am walking. It has really helped me improve my walking following two serious operations, and provided helpful personal support over the last year or so.

Minal P.

Physical therapist

This app is excellent! As a Physical Therapist this app allows me to interact with my patients instantly and frequently, in addition to all capturing important data and info to help me treat my patients more efficiently. I love how this app is so user friendly and easy to use!

Nancy H.

Chronic pain

This app helped me begin to get some pain problems under control during COVID-19 when I didn't want to go out for PT. Now that I can do that, I'm hooked on the benefit of doing PT in my own home, whenever I want, working with the same therapist to tweak and tailor exercises according to my abilities and goals.

Benjamin D.

Total Hip Replacement

This app is amazing. It gives me all the perks of a personal physical therapist with none of the hassle of going out to a PT facility. My OneStep therapist designs programs specifically for me and is always available for help, suggestions, and alternative exercises if I need them. I really like the daily walk analysis to help gauge my progress in regaining function after hip surgery.

Because they can see the results of their efforts

OneStep provides patients with immediate, easy-to-understand feedback on their progress so that they can see how they are performing throughout their plan of care. We empower patients to actively participate in their program so that they can continue to see meaningful results.

Because they're never alone in their journey

OneStep enhances communication between providers and patients. Patients can easily ask questions and get in touch so they never feel alone. Our team of care navigators and customer support is readily available to help.

Because they can recover on their own terms

OneStep easily fits into the patient's day-to-day life, extending their care to anywhere, anytime. Our platform helps patients adhere to their plan of care by encouraging small, consistent, daily actions that pay off in the long run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Providers

How can OneStep help my business?

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OneStep is the most advanced physical therapy platform, capturing gait and motion analysis data and enabling reimbursment via Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) codes. Additionally, OneStep facilitates hybrid workflows that combine in-person and remote care with provenclinical effectiveness. And as for patient satisfaction? 9 in 10 patients said OneStep was "crucial to their recovery."

What are the benefits of remote care?

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Remote care has substantial benefits including:
1. OneStep boosts patient adherence, improves patient engagement, and drives highly effective treatment.
2. Providers receive real-time alerts and clinical-grade progress reports while patients exercise on their own time and at their convenience.
3. Providers can now deliver efficient, personalized care to patients in and outside of the clinic and be reimbursed for remote care via the use of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) codes.
4. With OneStep, your patients' progress is continuously monitored even when they are outside of the clinic for real-time insight.
5. OneStep's remote physical therapy platform allows for highly personalized physical therapy plans, better results, and swifter recovery times. With the transition to value-based care, quality and meaningful outcomes are a priority, and enhanced results are of great importance to providers.
6. With OneStep's remote care solution, patients' data privacy remains protected and secure at all times.
7. We are HIPAA-compliant and FDA-listed.
8. OneStep enables data-driven decisions and the ability to continuously monitor holistic patient progress, showcasing value and supporting clinically integrated networks.

For Patients

How can I know if OneStep is right for me?

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OneStep Digital Physical Therapy is for everyone and anyone who has a smartphone - and has a movement goal they'd like to accomplish such as reducing pain in their day-to-day life or improving a physical difficulty. We enable digital therapy that's available on your smartphone 24/7.

What conditions can OneStep help with?

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OneStep can help with orthopedic conditions, neurological conditions and any case of limited mobility and musculoskeletal pain. From pre-op to post-op, patients undergoing knee replacements, hip replacements, and other surgical procedures can benefit from OneStep. OneStep provides physical therapists with on-the-go, accurate gait analysis reports, fall risk assessments and fall prevention alerts for their patients.

Can I combine OneStep with in-person PT?

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Yes. We partner with leading clinics across the US that provide both in-clinic and remote therapy. Patients can exercise anytime, anywhere, while their progress is being monitored via the OneStep app and sent to their physical therapist, even outside the clinic. OneStep's innovative physical therapy offering enables remote therapeutic monitoring and improves clinical effectiveness.

Is the program designed and supervised by a licensed PT?

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Absolutely. OneStep Digital Physical Therapy partners with leading clinics across the US that employ professional licensed physical therapists. Our physical therapy solution is FDA-listed and HIPAA compliant.