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Gait is a crucial indicator of health, and OneStep makes gait analysis available to everyone. Leading providers use OneStep to offer proactive, data-driven care that transcends in-person visits.

OneStep Digital Physical Therapy patient mobile app home screen. The home screen allows the patient to see their personal experience.

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The new gold-standard for measuring human motion

It's almost magical: slip your smartphone in your pocket and take a few steps. Within seconds, you'll get an accurate analysis of your walk.

OneStep operates seamlessly whenever your phone is with you, making it the only tool that measures real-life gait & mobility.

Our FDA-listed and clinically validated technology eliminates wearables, calibration, and all the hassle.

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An all-in-one platform for digital care

24/7 smartphone motion lab

Easily capture objective data to triage, monitor progress, and motivate patients with immediate & actionable feedback.

Daily activities: walking, running, negotiating stairs
Simple & engaging OneStep Walk Score
Work on demand and/or continuously from the background
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Image of phone with the OneStep Walk Score, a Fall Risk score and a Joint Replacement Surgery score

Standard outcome data collection

Save time by seamlessly incorporating industry-standard outcome measures, to streamline tests and screenings.

Patient reported outcomes
ROM measurements & functional tests
Customizable protocols and scores
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Three phone screens showing: choose an activity, TUG test summary, and an example questionnaire

Clinical insights

Quickly assess your patients health from anywhere, to enhance decision making and drive focus.

Patients prioritized by status and urgency
Easy-to-understand patient data
Integrative scores and indications
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The home screen of the OneStep clinician dashboard

Digital / physical intervention

Deepen the connection with patients and their caregivers, while improving access to care and continuity of care.

Built-in chat and Telehealth suite
Automatic notifications to patients & clinicians
Care recommendations by OneStep
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On the left: A video chat between a therapist and a patient. On the right: a chat between the therapist and the patient.

A beautiful Home Exercise Program

Drive engagement with HEP's that are easy to manage, and easier to follow. OneStep balances between what's clinically right and what the patient can actually adhere to.

1500+ exercises and 250+ pre-built protocols
Personal messages and videos
AI "co-pilot" with auto adjustments and suggestions
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A screenshot of the OneStep's home exercise program builder

Strong & seamless documentation

Strengthen documentation with objective data to justify medical necessity and showcase successful outcomes.

Full integration and easy export to your EMR
Automatic rollup and progress note creation
Control center with analytics and ROI
Automatic reports for reimbursement
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A OneStep example progress note

Bridging in-person and digital care

OneStep is easily accessible via a mobile app and web dashboard, and seamlessly integrates with most EMRs. It is fully customizable to fit your needs and workflows, offering convenience and efficiency for clinicians and patients alike.

See the Experience

"Using OneStep just makes sense. When I'm seeing a patient, there's always that question of how they are doing when I’m not there. OneStep provides an inside look using real-world data, and helps our clinicians deliver truly proactive care."

William Dieter

Sr. Director of Clinical Services

"OneStep is the only platform I've encountered that allows us to prevent falls rather than to react to them. This brings a lot of clinical value to our practice, while allowing us to get reimbursed."

Alla Onitskanski

President of rehabilitation services

"I wish I had a recording of the clinic teams' excitement when they described their experience with OneStep. Collecting gait data is crucial to our business and OneStep makes it as easy and insightful as ever."

Ganit Segal

Chief Scientific officer

Clinical applications

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)

Deploy a digital care program to deepen the connection with patients while significantly improving efficiencies.

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Fall prevention

Monitor patients risk and progress, to offer the right preventive care to the right patient at the right time.

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Orthotics & Prosthetics

Improve device fit and wear while using objective data to create audit-proof documentation.

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Pre- and post-surgical

Monitor patient progress and stay connected throughout the entire episode of care to improve outcomes and catch issues.

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For the first time: reliably and continuously measure gait and mobility in a natural environment in a scalable way.

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Digital health

Monitor and engage patients longitudinally to create a smooth & continuous care journey while improving efficiencies.

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OneStep allows providers to

1. Boost patient engagement while improving access to care
2. Quickly assess patients from anywhere for better decision making
3. Objectively justify medical necessity and showcase successful outcomes

And more

Reach out for more info on clinical trials; population management; neurodegenerative disease; pain monitoring; child development.

With OneStep...


Engaged days per patient per week


Fewer falls every year per 100 residents


Success rate for RTM CPT code collection


Minutes saved per clinician per week

Illustration of different patients of OneStep showing the diversity the app offers

Why patients love OneStep

Quotation mark

Philip E.

Total KNee replacement

I use OneStep every single day, sometimes to exercise, other days just to measure how I am walking. It has really helped me see my own improvement.

Quotation mark

Benjamin D.

Senior Living Facility Resident

OneStep made an enormous difference to my life. I feel more confident knowing my therapist is monitoring how I walk and can step in to help me if anything changes.

Quotation mark

Nancy H.

Chronic pain

I'm so glad my therapist uses OneStep with me. I love being able to check my own progress and reach out with questions as they come up so I don't forget.

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