OneStep For Prosthetists & Orthotists

More data for you, better movement for your patients

OneStep works with prosthetists and orthotists to equip them with the knowledge required to document patient response and support reimbursement conversations with payers and referral sources.

Various orthotics and prosthetics

Why partner with OneStep

Photo of an amputee with prosthetics performing a lunge,  demonstrating the recovery plan OneStep Digital Physical Therapy can offer users

Demonstrate the success of your clinical interventions

Get access to clinically validated gait and motion analysis data to objectively demonstrate the success of a prosthesis or orthosis.

Determine patterns across populations

OneStep provides you with meaningful insights to quickly determine usage patterns and adoption across various populations.

Gain a competitive edge

By partnering with OneStep you can easily improve your offering at minimal added costs and without the need to provide additional external devices.

Offer your patients an enhanced recovery experience

With our affordable plans, you can offer patients a better overall recovery experience, increase satisfaction rates, and improve your bottom line.

Receive ongoing and meaningful data

Ensure ongoing and meaningful data for long-term insights and validate the performance of your orthoses and prostheses.

The right package for your needs

Monitor your patients to show your device's impact and improve outcomes

Exclusive 24/7 smartphone motion lab

Access to clinician web dashboard

Measure daily activities: walking, running, stairs

EMR integration

Standard PT tests: TUG, STS, 6-min walk, ROM

24/7 chat with patient alerts

Functional surveys: standard and customized

Staff training and ongoing support

OneStep Digital Physical Therapy patient mobile app home screen. The home screen allows the patient to see their personal experience.

Provide an all-in-one physical therapy service for better outcomes at lower costs

Everything in OneStep Science

24/7 chat availability of OneStep PT

A licensed OneStep PT for each patient

Personalized home exercise plan for each patient

Unlimited online 1-1 sessions

Outcome reports for you to share

Professional assessment and goal setting

Customized training and support plan

OneStep Digital Physical Therapy patient mobile app home screen. The home screen allows the patient to see their personal experience.
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I wish I had a recording of how excited the clinical teams were when they described their experience with OneStep; It's such an improvement from their current experience."

Rachel Shiloh Yesharim

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Getting started with OneStep is easy


Set up your OneStep account

When you partner with OneStep, we’ll help you set up your account with your name, image and personalized settings.


Send your join code to patients

Your patients will use this code upon signing up for OneStep, which will automatically link them to your account.


Access patients' recovery data

Easily track your patients recovery from the OneStep Clinc interface.

Powerful science at your fingertips

OneStep’s first-of-its-kind technology was designed to bring you clinically accurate data using only patients’ smartphones, allowing practitioners to adjust recovery protocols based on real-time demonstrated progress.

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9 in 10

members consider OneStep to be essential to their recovery.


complete their full course of care, with industry-high adherence and compliance.


successfully achieve their therapy goal, and report reduced pain, increased mobility and better quality of life.


increase in therapist efficiency for PTs using OneStep, allowing more patients to be treated, more effectively.

Ready for data that matters?

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