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RTM with OneStep empowers seamless patient monitoring

Unlock in-depth health insights and hybrid care models that drive superior clinical outcomes and heightened engagement — wherever patients go.

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What is Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)?

New CPT codes introduced in 2022 allow providers to bill for time spent monitoring musculoskeletal patients remotely.

OneStep is the only all-in-one remote care platform that is optimized for convenience, collects clinically-validated gait and mobility data without any wearables, and automatically captures background data for seamless and efficient RTM reimbursement.

CPT Code



Billing with OneStep


Initial device setup and patient education. Remote monitoring of 16 days (minimum) from initial measurement

One-time reimubrsement per episode of care

Onboard a patient with OneStep and confirm first walk recording.


Data is recorded (by patient or automatically) and transmitted via a medical device for at least 16 days within a 30 day period

Billable once per 30 day period

Capture patient-reported outcomes, clinical-grade background analytics, patient adherence, and functional assessments with OneStep, an FDA-listed medical device.


Time spent monitoring patient including reviewing data and at least one interactive patient-provider communication for 20 minutes (minimum) per calendar month.

Billable once per calendar month

Schedule audio and visual check-ins, monitor patient data, update exercises, and communicate via chat and video message all from the online OneStep clinic.


Each additional 20 minutes of monitoring patient and interactive communication beyond time capture by code 98980.

Billable multiple times per month for every additional 20 minutes of patient monitoring and interaction

Easily track minutes spent monitoring each patient to bill additional units.

One solution for comprehensive hybrid care

Unprecedented Insight

Smartphone motion analysis captures ongoing mobility data, without wearables.

Proactive Digital Care

Predictive analytics and automated care actions enable proactive intervention.

Seamless Workflows

One easy-to-use solution empowers hybrid care and fits into existing workflows.

Highly Engaged Patients

Immediate feedback and personalized plans drive patient engagement and adherence.

Make every minute count toward helping your patients

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Provide personalized care with deeper insights

Automated monitoring makes it easy to identify high risk patients, deliver proactive care, facilitate discharge transitions, and meet RTM billing requirements.

Screens from the OneStep's clinician portal

Drive engagement and strong patient connections

Immediate motion feedback paired with the convenience of digital care options and seamless communication keeps patients satisfied and engaged in their care.

Screens from the OneStep's clinician portal

Document outcomes without the hassle

Generate progress reports in the click of a button that showcase objective mobility data and integrate into existing EMRs.

Remote care done right, with proven ROI

Stronger documentation

Combat reimbursement cuts with RTM revenue
Demonstrate value clearly and objectively
Easily bill for remote monitoring and digital care
Screens from the OneStep's clinician portal

Higher efficiency

Optimize patient management with hybrid care models
Ease staff burden and turnover with career flexibility
Reduce cancellation and no-show rates
Screens from the OneStep's clinician portal

“We’ve worked with so many tech vendors, and I’ve never had such a smooth experience with a product - our clinicians love it.”

William Dieter

Sr. Director of Clinical Services

"With OneStep, we're striving to ensure we monitor gait as the newest vital sign to help the senior living population age in place."

Aaron Duffee

Regional manager

Going above and beyond for patients truly helps everyone

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Philip E.

Total KNee replacement

I use OneStep every single day, sometimes to exercise, other days just to measure how I am walking. It has really helped me see my own improvement.

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Michael P.

Hip osteoarthritis

Using OneStep has helped me stay active and decrease my pain. I love that my physical therapist now offers virtual visits and is able to answer my questions via chat.

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Nancy H.

Chronic pain

I'm so glad my therapist uses OneStep with me. I love being able to check my own progress and reach out with questions as they come up so I don't forget.

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