Being a PT has never felt better

OneStep changes the concept of physical therapy from a session-by-session model to an “anytime, all-the-time” model. We complement and augment your therapy, allowing you to provide your best care continually, to more patients, leading to better clinical outcomes at a lower cost.

Mockup of the OneStep Digital Physical Therapy virtual clinic screen. The display gives the physical therapist a comprehensive view of each patients' needs, measurements, questionnaires and data.

Superb care

OneStep turns any smartphone into a 24/7 motion analysis lab, meaning that you can see how your patients are doing from anywhere. You can show them the progress they're making and make evidence-based decisions that significantly improve compliance, adherence and clinical outcomes. As a result, OneStep patients stick with their therapy plans for 3 times longer than traditional PT.

Maximal efficiency

OneStep allows you to be there for your patients all the time - while actually saving time. With smart notifications, pre-made and easily customizable recovery plans, patient monitoring tools that ensure all patients are attended to, and on-call OneStep support specialists, OneStep patients feel supported even between sessions. With OneStep, you can treat more patients, more effectively, from anywhere.

Great terms

You focus on care and we do the rest. OneStep handles everything from connecting you to a continuous flow of patients, to scheduling and billing, to encouraging and managing at-home adherence, so you can do what you do best: provide high quality physical therapy to your patients. Plus, you determine your working hours, have great benefits, and can work from anywhere.

A collage of OneStep physical therapists

Partner with us

We work with physical therapists and clinics worldwide to provide OneStep as an augment to their services, as well with in-house OneStep therapists who treat the many patients who download our app without having had therapy before.

If you’re a physical therapist interested in OneStep, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch!

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