OneStep's Gait & Motion Science

Movement is a measure of health

Vitals are used to monitor health, but a critical one is often missed. Gait is the functional vital sign – and OneStep makes motion analysis accessible from everywhere.

The way we move reveals so much about us

Gait speed is a top predictor of mortality

Gait abnormalities often precede cognitive decline

Impaired balance can indicate early stages of neurodegenerative disease

Gait asymmetries are strongly correlated with increase in fall risk

Step length is a measure of recovery from joint injuries and surgeries

Gait biofeedback can accelerate recovery and improve motor control

Compensatory gait patterns can signal issues with orthosis and prothesis fit

Gait and balance changes can capture undesirable side effects of medications

Yet healthcare has barely scratched the surface — because gait has been hard to fully capture.

OneStep brings a motion lab to every pocket

A phone screen with instructions to put the phone in your pocket

The easiest way to measure gait

Onsite or remote gait and motion analysis that delivers immediate insight.

Accurate results within seconds

No calibration or additional data required, fitting into even the busiest schedules.

Real-world conditions

Visibility into how patients move during everyday life to enhance decision making.

Actionable objective data

30+ gait parameters and mobility tests that are analyzed automatically.

No wearables, no hassle

Low cost, flexible, and widely accessible.

How does a smartphone capture movement?

Smartphones have built-in sensors that capture inertial data, such as orientation and acceleration, based on the position and movement of the phone.

Using this data and proprietary machine learning algorithms, OneStep extracts accurate spatiotemporal gait parameters whenever someone carries their phone in their pocket.


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