OneStep For Home Health Providers

Advance care in the home with gait analytics to reduce fall risk

OneStep complements the delivery of care within the home by providing extensive insight into patient mobility, function, and risk status. Access 40+ distinct motion parameters that demonstrate the correlation between gait characteristics and fall risk.

A clinician walking towards a patient's home

Why partner with OneStep

Photo of a licensed physical therapist visiting a patient at home. OneStep Digital Physical Therapy can compliment at home or in studio appointments by monitoring the patient remotely as well

See your patients as you've never seen them before

OneStep equips your clinical team with unprecedented insight into your patients’ gait velocity, gait symmetry, functional status, pain, and fall risk using only their smartphones - no wearables or additional equipment necessary.

Reduce risk and improve outcomes

Monitor your patients with increased efficiency and make proactive clinical decisions that not only optimize patient treatment but maximize patient safety.

Differentiate your care using the power of OneStep’s science

Your team will have access to a dashboard that shares both patient- and population-level data. Capture 40+ motion parameters to demonstrate treatment efficacy and patient progress.

Secure reimbursement in a value based purchasing model

The data provided with OneStep's science can be referenced in value-based purchasing models and used to showcase your outcomes to referral sources.

Stay connected even when your clinicians are not in the home

OneStep’s technology offers providers visibility into patient performance throughout their entire plan of care - from anywhere. Patients can easily follow their program and perform analyses all from their smartphones.

The right package for your needs

Monitor your patients to show your device's impact and improve outcomes

Exclusive 24/7 smartphone motion lab

Access to clinician web dashboard

Measure daily activities: walking, running, stairs

EMR integration

Standard PT tests: TUG, STS, 6-min walk, ROM

24/7 chat with patient alerts

Functional surveys: standard and customized

Staff training and ongoing support

OneStep Digital Physical Therapy patient mobile app home screen. The home screen allows the patient to see their personal experience.

Augment your practice virtually to offer a better patient journey

Everything in OneStep Science

24/7 chat availability of OneStep's care team

Concierge PT, PTA or support rep. for each patient

Personalized home exercise plan for each patient

Bill RTM codes with OneStep

Outcome reports for you to share

Customized & real-time patient alerts

Customized training and support plan

OneStep Digital Physical Therapy patient mobile app home screen. The home screen allows the patient to see their personal experience.

Getting started with OneStep is easy


Set up your OneStep account

When you partner with OneStep, we’ll help you set up your account with your name, image and personalized settings.


Send your join code to patients

Your patients will use this code upon signing up for OneStep, which will automatically link them to your account.


Access patients' recovery data

Easily track your patients recovery from the OneStep Clinc interface.

Powerful science at your fingertips

OneStep’s first-of-its-kind technology was designed to bring you clinically accurate data using only patients’ smartphones, allowing practitioners to adjust recovery protocols based on real-time demonstrated progress.

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9 in 10

members consider OneStep to be essential to their recovery.


complete their full course of care, with industry-high adherence and compliance.


successfully achieve their therapy goal, and report reduced pain, increased mobility and better quality of life.


increase in therapist efficiency for PTs using OneStep, allowing more patients to be treated, more effectively.

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