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OneStep’s easy-to-use, clinically validated gait analysis provides researchers with a reliable way to assess gait parameters in a scalable and affordable manner.

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Measure spatial and temporal gait parameters

OneStep’s gait analysis system can measure a wide set of spatial and temporal gait parameters including: cadence, speed, stride length, step length, single support and stance, double support, asymmetry, gait cycle variability, and more. OneStep makes it easy to add gait parameters and additional objective outcome measures to any study.

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Easy, accessible, and affordable

OneStep measures gait parameters when a user walks with their smartphone in their pocket. No calibration or specialized hardware is required — simply download the OneStep mobile app on any smartphone. OneStep is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, which makes it easy to collect gait data from a large number of people. All data is automatically transmitted to the OneStep Clinical Portal for convenient access to data in a singular location.

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Validated in peer-reviewed journals

OneStep’s accuracy in measuring gait parameters has been validated in multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals, against multiple gold-standard gait measurement systems. OneStep can be used to generate research-quality gait data from people with a variety of gait types and health conditions.

A Brand-Altman plot showing OneStep's accuracy compared to another gold standard gait analysis system

Monitor subjects beyond the lab

With OneStep, gait analysis can occur anywhere — even at home, during everyday activities. Since OneStep makes gait analysis so accessible and does not require subjects to repeatedly visit a lab, it’s easy to collect longitudinal data. This also provides a more accurate representation of real-world gait patterns, based on data collected in a natural setting.

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Become a research partner

We invite researchers to join us in using our smartphone-based gait analysis technology to push the boundaries of gait analysis research. Contact us to learn more about our technology and how it can help you achieve your research goals.

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