The OneStep Impact

Deliver the most precise care to patients anywhere

Enhance in-person care with fast, easy, and objective motion analysis and enable high-quality treatment to continue in between visits with an all-in-one remote care experience.

A provider reaching out a hand to a patient through a window

Offer exceptional remote care with a customized digital experience

Pioneering Science

Accurately measure clinical outcomes and set a new standard of care with OneStep's smartphone-only clinical-grade motion lab.

Unparalleled Configurability

Easily build the workflows that match your clinician's and patient's needs, thanks to our fully-customized platform and seamless
EHR integration.

Clinician Portal

Equip your clinicians to make better decisions faster, by providing them with prioritized insights and alerts on their patients, combined with a full TelePT suite.

Patient App

Drive patient adherence and satisfaction through actionable feedback, meaningful connections, and an easy-to-follow exercise routine that automatically adapts to
formulate habits.

Improve patient outcomes and showcase clinical excellence

Boost patient engagement and make care more accessible

OneStep allows clinicians to expand the reach of their practice, and has been proven to drive 3x higher patient adherence and retention.

View patients holistically for better decision making

OneStep offers clinicians a thorough and timely view of their patients’ health status, enabling them to provide more meaningful interactions that drive long-term change.

Deploy a new gold standard for measuring patient progress

With OneStep, you can easily document the efficacy of treatments in accelerating recovery or reducing risk profiles (e.g. fall risk) of patients and patient cohorts, to provide evidence of your clinical excellence.

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Make each minute count using OneStep

With OneStep, you can get reimbursed for the time you spend managing patients asynchronously thanks to remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM). OneStep’s automatic data collection and provider time tracking functionality makes meeting RTM billing requirements hassle-free – so you can focus your time and energy on your patients.

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Optimize clinical and operational workflows to unlock your full financial potential

GROW & Generate revenue streams

Introduce new care programs, such as fall prevention, pain management, or prehabilitation
Make the most of your time with RTM and turn the work of managing patients into reimbursable minutes that can fill gaps between visits
Strengthen documentation with objective data that justifies medical necessity and additional care to retain patients 3x longer for the care they need
Increase patient reacquisition by seamlessly maintaining a relationship with your patients after the episode-of-care
Boost your brand awareness and drive referrals thanks to enhanced patient satisfaction and improved clinical outcomes
OneStep's physician dashboard showing a list of patients to attend today

PRACTICE at peak efficiency

Strategically manage your practice’s time for higher financial value by transitioning patients between in-clinic and remote care
Offer convenient remote treatment options that reduce missed visits by 20-25%, improve continuity of care, and decrease appointment wait times
Triage patients to better manage visits and determine who needs more immediate clinical intervention with OneStep’s automated patient notifications
Retain star employees with a healthy work-life balance by allowing team members greater scheduling flexibility and remote work options
Reduce claim denials with quantifiable documentation of patient data that automatically integrates into your EHR systems
OneStep's physician dashboard showing a list of today's meetings and open chats

What is Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)?

New CPT codes introduced in 2022 allow providers to bill for time spent monitoring musculoskeletal patients remotely.

OneStep is the only all-in-one remote care platform that is optimized for convenience, collects clinically-validated gait and mobility data without any wearables, and automatically captures background data for seamless and efficient RTM reimbursement.

CPT Code



Billing with OneStep


Initial device setup and patient education. Remote monitoring of 16 days (minimum) from initial measurement

One-time reimubrsement per episode of care

Onboard a patient with OneStep and confirm first walk recording.


Data is recorded (by patient or automatically) and transmitted via a medical device for at least 16 days within a 30 day period

Billable once per 30 day period

Capture patient-reported outcomes, clinical-grade background analytics, patient adherence, and functional assessments with OneStep, an FDA-listed medical device.


Time spent monitoring patient including reviewing data and at least one interactive patient-provider communication for 20 minutes (minimum) per calendar month.

Billable once per calendar month

Schedule audio and visual check-ins, monitor patient data, update exercises, and communicate via chat and video message all from the online OneStep clinic.


Each additional 20 minutes of monitoring patient and interactive communication beyond time capture by code 98980.

Billable multiple times per month for every additional 20 minutes of patient monitoring and interaction

Easily track minutes spent monitoring each patient to bill additional units.

Physical Therapists

Access tools that enable the best patient care with more flexibility using OneStep’s all-in-one digital physical therapy platform – being a physical therapist has never felt better.

Physical Therapy Clinics

Extend care beyond clinic walls with OneStep’s remote physical therapy platform – the only science-based solution that provides clinically-validated data, improving decision making and customer engagement.

Home Health Providers

Receive automated real-time fall risk and change of status notifications to quickly identify high-risk patients and triage care for proactive intervention and efficient visit management.

Medical Devices

Gain objective visibility into pre-intervention mobility and post-intervention performance to highlight the efficacy, adoption, and overall success rates of devices and implants.

Orthopedic Surgeons

Extend your practice using a digital physical therapy solution and capture high-quality outcomes with objective gait and motion analysis data from prehab through rehab – without any wearables.

Orthotics & Prosthetics

View the impact of interventions in real-time with objective gait and mobility data to strengthen documentation, showcase efficacy to payers, and improve device fit and wear.

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