Frequently Asked Questions

Motion Science and Monitoring

Is OneStep clinically validated?

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Yes! OneStep has been validated against several gold-standard motion analysis labs. To learn more about clinical validation, visit our Published Research page.

How does OneStep capture real-world motion analysis data?

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OneStep captures data both actively and passively. Active motion analysis occurs when a patient initiates a measurement from within the app. Passive analysis occurs via background data collection when the patient has the phone in their pocket – offering heightened visibility into real-world mobility.

Does OneStep’s gait and motion analysis require wearables or additional equipment?

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Nope! OneStep’s FDA-listed technology utilizes the sensors within smartphones – a device that most people carry with them already. No calibration or additional hardware is necessary, making OneStep exceptionally convenient and simple to implement and scale.

Remote Care Platform, Security and Privacy

What is OneStep's privacy policy?

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OneStep prides itself on its commitment to patient privacy and uses the highest encryption and privacy standards to ensure that partner and patient data is and will always be safe and private. For more information, visit the Privacy Policy and HIPAA Notice pages. For further inquiries, please contact

What EHR systems does OneStep integrate with?

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OneStep is fully integrated into a variety of existing and popular EHR systems. We work closely with our customers to ensure all EHR needs are met and streamlined.

What are the main features of OneStep?

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OneStep’s solution consists of a mobile patient app and a web-based clinician dashboard. OneStep offers partners: Remote gait and motion analysis; Fall risk assessments; Functional mobility assessments; Patient-reported outcome measures; Video-based home exercises and templates; Video and audio calling capabilities; Text, video, and audio messaging capabilities.

Is the OneStep mobile app compatible with iOS and Android?

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Yes! The OneStep mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

experience and care workflows

Can I use OneStep with patients that do not have their own phones?

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Absolutely. We recognize that certain patient populations may not have personal phones and work closely with our partners to provide them with innovative solutions that meet their unique needs. In addition to our standard mobile patient app, we also have a clinician app that clinicians can use on a designated facility phone to capture data and work with patients who do not have their own mobile devices.

Clinical Uses

How does OneStep calculate fall risk?

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OneStep's fall risk assessment capabilities facilitate a comprehensive evaluation of fall risk based on proprietary calculations that incorporate: OneStep’s gait analysisFunctional Mobility Assessments (Timed Up and Go, 30-Second Sit to Stand); Questionnaires (modified two question Fall Confidence Questionnaire, Falls Efficacy Scale); Individual fall history Using this data. OneStep is able to identify and indicate if patients are at an increased risk for falls and notify providers for proactive intervention. OneStep helps facilitate robust fall risk assessment and prevention protocols.

Does OneStep support Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)?

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Absolutely! While OneStep is a complete remote care and motion analysis solution that offers much more than the average RTM platform, it meets all the necessary requirements to deliver remote therapeutic monitoring services. In fact, OneStep is uniquely suited for RTM due to the ability to capture background motion analysis — making it easy to hit the minimum billing requirements for data transmission.

Which types of organizations is OneStep appropriate for?

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OneStep is already being deployed across a variety of organizations throughout the healthcare ecosystem and is a great fit for Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities,Outpatient Physical Therapy, Outpatient Therapy in the Home, Home Health, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Medical Device Manufacturers and Orthopedic Surgeons.