The OneStep Impact

Prevent 1 in 4 falls with OneStep

OneStep’s fall risk assessment technology helps your organization catch falls before they occur — saving lives and resources.

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Despite massive efforts and expense, the impact of falls continues to increase...

$72 billion

is spent every year (in the US alone) treating injuries caused by falls

1 in 4

Americans aged over 65 will fall in the next 12 months


of rehab time is spent on falls-related issues, leading to burnout, turnover, and shortages

OneStep offers a new approach to fall prevention

Unprecedented Insight

OneStep combines critical gait insight with standard tests and questionnaires for a truly multifactorial fall risk assessment.

Proactive Care

Predictive algorithms identify patient risk status and automatically notify providers of changes for fast intervention.

Seamless Workflows

One easy-to-use solution empowers clinicians with the tools to screen, treat, and capture patient progress.

Highly Engaged Patients

Immediate feedback and personalized progress reports drive patient and caregiver engagement.

The most comprehensive fall prevention solution

Quickly Identify patients at risk of decline

Continuous monitoring makes it easy to identify when patients have a change from baseline, preventing falls and streamlining routine screens.

Drive engagement and meaningful behavior change

Immediate motion feedback and personalized reports convey progress to patients, caregivers, and the care team facilitating strong connections and adherence.

Justify medical necessity and improve fall prevention protocols

Streamline fall risk screens and capture objective mobility at the individual, population, and facility levels.

Real results, capture objectively and easily with automated reports

Stronger documentation

Protect and generate new revenue
Compare fall prevention data across facilities
Showcase reduced readmissions, falls, and adverse events

Higher efficiency

Optimize patient management
and screening
Ease staff burden and turnover
Leverage digital tools that enhance workflows

"OneStep is the only platform I've encountered that allows us to prevent falls rather than to react to them. This brings a lot of clinical value to our practice, while allowing us to get reimbursed."

Alla Onitskanski

President of rehabilitation services

Using OneStep just makes sense. When I'm seeing a patient, there's always that question of how they are doing when I’m not there. OneStep provides an inside look at their mobility using real-world data, and I can see how they are doing with their home exercise program. OneStep helps clinicians deliver truly proactive care — before a fall or other serious issue occurs.

William Dieter

Sr. Director of Clinical Services

Going above and beyond for patients truly helps everyone

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Philip E.

Total KNee replacement

I use OneStep every single day, sometimes to exercise, other days just to measure how I am walking. It has really helped me see my own improvement.

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Benjamin D.

Senior Living Facility Resident

OneStep made an enormous difference to my life. I feel more confident knowing my therapist is monitoring how I walk and can step in to help me if anything changes.

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Nancy H.

Chronic pain

I'm so glad my therapist uses OneStep with me. I love being able to check my own progress and reach out with questions as they come up so I don't forget.

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