OneStep For Surgeons

Actionable insight throughout the entire
patient journey

OneStep captures objective gait and motion analysis data from prehab through rehab, providing surgeons with unprecedented patient data and statistics without any wearables.

Extend your visibility beyond the clinic

Photo of a surgeon performing a surgery. OneStep Digital Physical Therapy offers complementary PT services to surgeons to enable pre and post operative monitoring of patients

For surgeons

Showcase surgical success with objective gait data

Receive on-demand progress reports with OneStep’s continuous objective gait and motion analysis data, functional assessments, and patient-reported outcomes for the most comprehensive patient data and statistics surrounding your interventions.

Prevent unnecessary complications and costs with actionable insights

Access real-time patient mobility data and notifications regarding fall risk and change of status to intervene proactively – preventing adverse events and unnecessary costs.

Create a consistent standard of care and improve post-surgical outcomes

Use OneStep to standardize post-surgical care with your own unique protocols and the ability to monitor valuable recovery data while staying better connected.

Improve patient adherence and satisfaction

With a 12-week retention rate of >75%, OneStep improves long-term clinical outcomes and keeps patients satisfied – giving you the tools you need to demonstrate success, document high-quality care, and grow your practice.

Extend your practice with a digital PT offering

Leverage OneStep’s technology to extend your practice with digital physical therapy services and grow your revenue with remote therapeutic monitoring – using your own clinicians or OneStep’s in-house therapists.

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For patients

An optimal recovery journey

OneStep provides patients with a recovery plan that is built to meet their goals and is modified on a weekly basis according to their progress.

Higher motivation and better control

Patients get immediate, science-based feedback that informs them about their progress and empowers them to take ownership of their recovery.

24/7 Access to amazing physical therapists

Our licensed PTs are available to your patients around the clock for any questions or concerns – so that they are truly never alone in their recovery.

A personalized, bite-sized exercise plan

OneStep’s video-based recovery plans seamlessly fit into your patients’ day-to-day schedule and ensure patients never forget how to perform an exercise.

Guaranteed results

We take care of all your patients’ recovery needs – from visibility into recovery progress data, to professional support by a licensed PT – and are committed to objective and measurable outcomes.

Getting started with OneStep is easy


Set up your OneStep account

When you partner with OneStep, we’ll help you set up your account with your name, image and personalized settings.


Send your join code to patients

Your patients will use this code upon signing up for OneStep, which will automatically link them to your account.


Access patients' recovery data

Easily track your patients recovery from the OneStep Clinc interface.

Powerful science at your fingertips

OneStep’s first-of-its-kind technology was designed to bring you clinically accurate data using only patients’ smartphones, allowing practitioners to adjust recovery protocols based on real-time demonstrated progress.

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9 in 10

members consider OneStep to be essential to their recovery.


complete their full course of care, with industry-high adherence and compliance.


successfully achieve their therapy goal, and report reduced pain, increased mobility and better quality of life.


increase in therapist efficiency for PTs using OneStep, allowing more patients to be treated, more effectively.

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