The OneStep Impact

Enhance clinical judgement with real-time mobility data

With OneStep, objective insights are at your fingertips to improve device fit, wear, and documentation.

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Lack of objective mobility insight leaves room for error...


of dollars can be lost during an audit


device adjustments and refabrications become costly


with a new device requires ongoing assessment and encouragement

OneStep offers a new approach to orthotic and prosthetic management

Pioneering Science

OneStep is the only solution that turns any smartphone into a clinically-validated gait and motion lab, making it easy and accessible to capture objective patient mobility.

Proactive Care Platform

When a patient demonstrates a change, providers are automatically notified — so that they can intervene quickly to improve device fit, capture patient progress over time, and strengthen documentation.

Clinician Portal & App

Using one convenient solution, clinicians have all the tools to assess, treat, and communicate directly with their patients.

Patient Engagement

Immediate motion feedback that drives motivation and encouragement during the rehabilitation journey.

How OneStep helps you improve outcomes

Greater visibility to act fast

Intervene in a timely manner to improve fit, wear, and function for better patient outcomes.

Digital tools to keep patients engaged

Stay connected with patients and provide them with immediate motion feedback to keep them motivated.

Hassle-free outcome measures

Perform a thorough gait analysis and mobility tests in seconds, from anywhere.

Enhanced patient care with proven results for your entire organization

Stronger documentation

Protect your revenue from audits
Demonstrate quality care
Capture longitudinal patient progress

Higher efficiency

Standardize outcome measure collection with ease
Generate progress notes with the click of a button
Use one configurable platform with all the tools you need
Screens from the OneStep's clinician portal

“OneStep is a novel mobile-based technology that provides an easy and accessible gait solution that is cost-effective and was found valid and accurate according to our research findings. For many clinics, this could be a game changer in terms of incorporating objective gait assessment in clinical settings.”

Ganit Segal

Chief Scientific Officer

“I wish I had a recording of how excited the clinic teams were when they described their experience with OneStep – they were thrilled by its ease of use.”

Rachel Shiloh Yesharim

Chief Technology Officer

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