The OneStep Impact

Track outcomes from pre-surgery through recovery

Capture objective patient mobility and stay connected during the entire care episode for enhanced surgical outcomes.

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Surgical care plans do not end in the operating room ...

Prevent complications

Post-operative complications and readmissions use critical healthcare dollars and resources


Superior outcomes occur when patients adhere to their plan of care


Showcase the impact of surgical interventions through objective data collection over time

OneStep offers a new approach to tracking post-surgery progress

Unprecedented Insight

Smartphone motion analysis captures ongoing mobility data, without wearables.

Proactive Digital Care

Predictive analytics and automated care actions enable proactive intervention.

Seamless Workflows

One easy-to-use solution empowers hybrid care and fits into existing workflows.

Highly Engaged Patients

Immediate feedback and personalized plans drive patient engagement and adherence.

Monitor recovery progress and predict outcomes

Predict post-op trajectory with objective mobility benchmarks

Identify patients at risk for complications and intervene early to ensure they're hitting recovery milestones.

Drive patient engagement and adherence

Immediate motion biofeedback and accessible digital care makes it easy to keep patients motivated, connected, and progressing toward their goals.

Standardize rehab protocols and outcome measure collection

Streamline protocol prescription and outcome measure collection to better capture objective impact of surgical and clinical interventions.

Leverage hybrid care models built on motion science to grow your practice

Better documentation

Demonstrate value to payers and on reporting metrics
Justify medical necessity for interventions
Capture objective progress over time

Higher efficiency

Prevent complications to save costs and improve margins
Generate progress notes with the click of a button
Drive retention, referrals, and ratings
Screens from the OneStep's clinician portal

“Improved patient experience and successful recoveries through smarter treatment are what we are all about at Kinomatic, so partnering with such a pioneering therapeutic company as OneStep was the natural choice for us.”

Shaun Lea


“OneStep integrates the empathy and professionalism of experienced physical therapists with the latest in digital health technology, ensuring that our patients receive the best care and experience possible."

Shaun Lea


Going above and beyond for patients truly helps everyone

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Philip E.

Total KNee replacement

I use OneStep every single day, sometimes to exercise, other days just to measure how I am walking. It has really helped me see my own improvement.

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Juan G.

Total hip replacement

After my hip replacement, I was anxious to get back to back to work and my daily life. My surgeon introduced me to OneStep and I've loved tracking my progress and seeing my scores get better!

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Nancy H.

Chronic pain

I'm so glad my therapist uses OneStep with me. I love being able to check my own progress and reach out with questions as they come up so I don't forget.

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