Is OneStep for me?

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What are the things OneStep can help me with?

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OneStep helps patients reduce pain, improve mobility, and become empowered in their rehabilitation- specifically in conditions that involve gait or walking.

Specifically, help patients with physical recovery before/after hip and knee replacement, including pre-op preparation and post-op rehab. We also help those with gait disorders or who have trouble maintaining balance to prevent falls and further injury.

We also help patients recover from acute neurological and orthopaedic injuries, including stroke, spine injuries and fractures.

How much does OneStep cost?

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* Prices vary depending on your state. But generally, we offer 2 packages.

Why is this a paid service?

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We pride ourselves on hiring expert physical therapists to give care to our patients, and hiring the greatest scientists in the world to ensure our remote gait analysis technology is the best it can be. To maintain such excellent staff, we charge a subscription for the app that allows us to grow and support the team.

We also believe if you invest in your health by paying for the service, you are more likely to stay devoted to your exercise program.

That being said, we want OneStep to be affordable (we know most healthcare isn't!) so we are sure to charge you a low monthly cost.

Do you work with insurance?

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We currently do not work with any insurance companies; we are a cash-based physical therapy service. That being said, we try to keep our prices lower than traditional, in-person PT.

I'm having trouble registering. Who can I contact?

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Our dedicated support team would love to help you. Please email us at

14-day free trial

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What you get with OneStep

A smartphone screen showing the home screen of OneStep's mobile application.

A dedicated licensed physical therapist

- Unlimited one-on-one sessions
- Around the clock chat

A personalised recovery plan made just for you

- Instructional videos, goals and insights
- Continuously adapted to your needs and progress
- Optimized to fit your day-to-day and build long-lasting habits

OneStep's exclusive smartphone motion lab

- Comprehensive progress reports and instant feedback
- Find out your Daily Walk Score

Starting at $35/month

- Unlimited physical therapy
- No insurance necessary