Hear from our patients and PTs

Thousands of patients use OneStep to reduce pain, improve mobility and get back to a healthier and happier life. Check out how.

“OneStep made an enormous difference in my life.”

Marian Naidoo, UK

Marian is a 67-year-old retired healthcare professional who suffered from knee pain her entire life. After a recent total knee replacement surgery, she looked for ways to get back to everyday activities she loves: playing with her grandchildren, going to the gym, and taking her dogs on a walk - pain-free and worry-free. Then, she found OneStep.

“It wasn’t until OneStep that I’m finally on my way to full recovery.”

Tom Foran, CA, USA

Tom is a 68-year-old retired computer consultant who suffered from knee pain most of his life. After a recent total knee replacement surgery, in-person PT and home exercise, Tom decided to look for a solution to fix his walk - which he didn't know how to adjust. Once he came across OneStep, he realized this was the solution he was looking for.

“All I need to do is focus on my patients and what they need - OneStep takes care of the rest.”

Hadas garfinkel, physical therapist at onestep

Hadas has over five years of physical therapy rehabilitation experience, including treating patients with neurological, orthopedic, and chronic diseases; as well as deconditioned older adults. Hadas combines her experience and training with her love for people and her passion for getting patients back on their feet.

“At OneStep we provide high-quality care to anyone with a cellphone and a goal in mind.”

Hila glick, VP of physical therapy and pateint experience

Hila Glick has 10+ years of experience with rehabilitation, treating neurological, chronic, and acute adult orthopedic patients. Hila is also experienced in treating orthopedic and sports-related injuries. Hila is committed to providing the best physical therapy patient experience that OneStep has to offer.